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Stop getting stuck during development.


How Does It Work?

CoderNotes is like a search engine for your team's code snippets and notes.

Any time you have code that's complicated, its syntax is unfamiliar, or it's just one silly thing you always forget - store it in CoderNotes.

Our Google-like search systems lets you easily find snippets again later, even if you can't remember exactly what you named it.

Code review

Debug Once, Solve Forever

Someone on your team already spent a whole day figuring out how to solve that annoyingly specific issue. Save time by having that knowledge at your fingertips.

Learn New Concepts Quicker

Learning a tricky new language, framework, or library? Capture not only tricky syntax, but also conceptual ideas, in a code-first way.

Capture Syntax
Record Concepts
Recall Quickly
Book lover

Get Rapid Onboarding

Get new dev hires up to speed faster. CoderNotes can be your central repository for technical details, such as:

Coding Standards

Share your quality guidelines in a code-first way. What language conventions do you break? Is any particular formatting required? How should calls be made to your internal API?

Best Practices

Important, cross-cutting requirements, such as testing expectations and UI considerations, all easily searchable

Difficult Integrations

Every team has that one ugly integration that they routinely have to deal with. Having an internal technical wiki like CoderNotes allows you to easily share how best to deal with it, so the rest of the team can handle it easily.


Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll pay


For solo-devs or teams who want to try before they buy

$0/ mo
  • Create up to 3 public notes/day
  • All 185 languages supported
  • Access from any device
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For the developer who wants to cache their brain

$10/ mo
  • No limit on public notes
  • Unlimited private notes - visible only to you
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For groups that want a shared technical repository of code

$99/ mo (10 people)
  • Everything from Professional tier
  • "Team"-level notes, only visible to your teammates
  • $10/mo per additional team member
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Who Are You?

I created CoderNotes to maximize my own learning and development speed as a developer, and I'm happy to now share it with you!

Kevin Conti

Software Developer | CEO

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