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Speed up development by caching your brain.


How Does It Work?

CoderNotes is a platform for your code snippets and general notes.

Store solutions to the problems you come across in a centralized, easy to find location.

Our Google-like search systems lets you easily find snippets again later, even if you can't remember exactly what you named it.

Intelligent & Powerful Search Engine

Forgot what you named your snippet? Didn't put any tags? No problem. Find notes from years ago as easily as if you wrote them today.

Code review

Maximize Team Collaboration

Someone on your team already spent a whole day figuring out how to solve that annoyingly specific issue. Save time by having that knowledge at your fingertips.

Learn From The World

As a developer, you solve tens of errors and bugs every day. CoderNotes lets developers from around the world share knowledge as they learn it, making it a great resource for growing communities, languages, and frameworks.


Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll pay

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For solo-devs or teams who want to try before they buyFor devs who want private notes in a centralized location
Public Notes
Private Notes
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Note Backups
End-to-End EncryptionAll traffic is end-to-end encrypted and secure via https and wss. Additionally, on any paid plan, all database writes are encrypted at rest.
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Looking for a solution for your entire organization?

Create a space where your team can share technical knowledge without it being exposed to the outside world.


The ultimate collaboration space for groups of developers

$99month (10 developers)
  • Everything from the professional tier
  • "Team"-level notes, accessible only to your organization
  • Devs can join multiple teams per organization, enabling cross-functional collaboration
  • $9/month per additional seat
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CoderNotes helps me learn new syntax and concepts, and I'm much more likely to avoid getting stuck in the future since the notes are so easily searchable.
Nikki Shipley - Junior Developer
I hate it when you know you have solved the problem before, but you still have to do all the work you did last time because you don't remember the solution. CoderNotes helps solve this problem.
Lucas Conti - Software Developer

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Who Are You?

I created CoderNotes to maximize my own learning and development speed as a developer, and I'm happy to now share it with you!

Kevin Conti

Software Developer | CEO

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